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Richard Henry Drummond

Richard Henry Drummond is an author with a broadly cosmopolitan cultural background. A linguist, he was born in San Francisco and raised in Hollywood and North Hollywood, California, graduating from U.C.L.A. with highest honors in Latin. He received a P.H.D. in classics from the University of Wisconsin with a dissertation on the historical thinking of the Latin Christian writers. Dr. Drummond became the first incumbent of the Florence Livergood Warren chair of comparative religions. He is the author of several books and many articles. His focus has been upon biblical studies, history of religions and related disciplines. As for Islam, Dr. Drummond has studied, taught, and written about Islam for fifty years. Dr. Drummond, now retired, continues to reside with is wife, in Dubuque, Iowa. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister.

Islam for the Western Mind (Paperback)
         Understanding Muhammad and the Koran