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David Conway

David Conway is a mystic, magus, and author whose profound knowledge, unique insights, and clear writing style have affected literary esoterica since the early 70s. The seventh child of a seventh child, David was reared in seaside city of Aberystwyth, Wales and its surrounding environs. His education in magic began at a very early age when he studied with a local farmer, Mr. James, a magician he encountered in the Welsh countryside. David brought magical training to the forefront by publishing Magic: An Occult Primer very early in his adult life. This very same tome would prove to be the “go to” treatise for magicians beginning their own journey into sublime realms.

Magic (Paperback)
         An Occult Primer

The Magic of Herbs (Paperback)
Magic: An Occult Primer (Hardcover)
         50 Year Anniversary Edition

Magic: An Occult Primer (Paperback)
         50 Year Anniversary Edition