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Debbie Malone

Debbie Malone is an acclaimed spirit medium who has assisted police departments across Australia in missing persons and murder investigations for over 20 years. Her extraordinary gifts as a psychic, clairvoyant, and medium enable her to receive visions from both the living and the dead, from the past, present and future, and to convey messages to bereaved families from their departed loved ones. Debbie’s schedule includes numerous print, television and radio interviews, and she is highly sought after for private readings and workshops on how to attune to the spirit world. Her national television appearances include Today Tonight, Sensing Murder, Sunrise, and most recently, The One. Debbie is the author of Guardian Angel Reading Cards, Angel Reading Cards, Awaken Your Psychic Ability, Angel Wishes, Angel Whispers, Angels to Watch Over You, Clues from Beyond, and Never Alone.

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Always With You (Paperback)
         Messages from Beyond

Awaken Your Psychic Ability (Paperback)
Clues from Beyond (Paperback)
         True Crime Stories from Australia's #1 Psychic Detective

Guardian Angel Reading Cards (Paperback)
Never Alone (Paperback)
         From Australia's #1 Psychic Detective

Psychic Reading Cards (Paperback)
         Awaken your Psychic Abilities