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BelindaGrace is well known to many parts of Australia through her own national workshops, bookshop events, Mind/Body/Spirit workshops; appearances on radio, magazines and national TV appearances. Belinda is the author of You are Clairvoyant (2007), which is a best-selling Australian Mind/Body/Spirit book, You are Inspired (2009), You are Abundant (2011), and each have companions CDs.

Clairvoyant Reading Cards (Paperback)
Divine Intuition Oracle (Paperback)
         Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Heaven Sent (Paperback)
         A Simple Guide to Connecting with Angels

A Perfect Practice (Paperback)
         How to Establish and Maintain a Successful Practice in Holistic Health and Healing

True Love Reading Cards (Paperback)
         Attract and Create the Love You Desire

You Are Abundant (Paperback)
         Why You are Enough the Way You Are

You Are Abundant CD
         Why You are Enough the Way You Are

You Are Clairvoyant (Paperback)
         Developing the Secret Skill We All Have (10th Annivsersary Edition)

You Are Clairvoyant CD
         Developing the Secret Skill We All Have

You Are Inspired (Paperback)
         An Intuitive Guide to Life with Meaning and Purpose