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Anna Stark

Anna Stark is a spiritual practitioner and teacher who guides her students in understanding ancient systems of psychic healing and wisdom through elemental, angelic, and galactic realms. Anna holds a bachelor of arts in history and sociology and is trained in kinesiology, Usui Reiki, Seichem, and angelic Reiki healing. A traditional oracle card reader and energy healer, Anna travels extensively, sharing her work through teaching workshops and courses, aiming to create powerful changes in her students with sacred influences of esoteric healing, guided by the foundation of the Sacred Power Reading Cards.

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From the Heart (Paperback)

Sacred Light Oracle (Paperback)
         Ascension Cards for the Spiritual Seeker

Sacred Power Reading Cards (Paperback)
         Transforming Guidance for Your Life Journey

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards (Paperback)
         Spiritual Guidance for Your Life Journey