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Jason Miller

Jason Miller (Inominandum) has devoted the last 23 years to traveling the globe and studying practical magic in its many forms. He is the author of Protection and Reversal Magick, The Sorcererís Secrets, and Financial Sorcery. He also runs the Strategic Sorcery Training Course and Strategic Sorcery Blog. He lives with his wife and children in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where he practices and teaches magic.

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Consorting with Spirits (Paperback)
         Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies

The Elements of Spellcrafting (Paperback)
         21 Keys to Successful Sorcery

Financial Sorcery (Paperback)
         Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting Wealth

Protection and Reversal Magick (Paperback)
Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit (Paperback)
         The Secrets of Erotic Magic

The Sorceror's Secrets (Paperback)
         Strategies in Practical Magick