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Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas is a #1 Award Winning Bestselling Author and world class Intuitive/Spiritual Healer. Joanne’s healing prayer(s) have featured in world renowned Harry Edward’s Healer Magazine. Her books have been endorsed by medical doctors and experts, and her distance spiritual healing work has received astonishing testimonials of incredible healing’s that defy the standards of medical science. Joanne is the healing columnist for TOSP (The Other Side Press) magazine, and is also the Director of energy healing education for the ASSMPI. She is a regular guest on radio shows, and has appeared on TV in both the UK and the USA. Visit Joanne’s website to find out more about her healing practice, online training courses, workshops and webinars.

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The Power of Angel Medicine (Paperback)
         Energetic Exercises and Techniques to Activate Divine Healing

The Power of Angels (Paperback)
         Discover How to Connect, Communicate, and Heal With the Angels