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Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger ( is one of the world’s most visible and prolific paranormal researchers. Since 1997, the former journalist has interviewed thousands of eyewitnesses to paranormal occurrences. He is the author of a dozen books on the paranormal; the founder of the Web’s most popular paranormal destination, according to Google, and a noted speaker and media personality.Belanger is the series writer and researcher for Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. He’s been a guest on more than 200 radio and television programs including: The History Channel, The Travel Channel, PBS, The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show, National Public Radio, The BBC, Australian Radio Network, and Coast to Coast AM.

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Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, Revised Edition (Paperback)
         Ghostly Locales From Around the World

More Ghost Chronicles (Paperback)
         Stories from the Realm of the Unknown, the Unexplained, and the Unbelievable

The World's Most Haunted Places, Revised Edition (Paperback)
         From the Secret Files of