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Maneula Stoerzer

Starting out in a disfunctional family system, Manuela Stoerzer was eager to explore how life works and what it is all about. In the year 2000 she hit rock-bottom with a bunch of threatening life experiences and started all over.The Mother of 2 kids and former managing director of a Munich Publishing company experienced burnout, divorce and at the same time was diagnosed with Stage 4 malign melanoma. “Next week might be to late” was exactly the words, she needed to hear in order to wake up. She went back to education and invented her new job: Europe’s first “Walking Coach” providing a safe space, compassion and tools for people in crisis during walks in nature. Her passion is to inspire people to explore the space beyond the known and open up for exiting new possibilities that touch heart and mind. She lived in various countries in Europe and the US. Beside coaching she loves to experiment and develop other inspirational formats such as modeling, film-acting, improvisation, writing, playing, dancing and music. Visit her at

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Headless Chicken (Paperback)
         A Personal Narrative about Three Months in the Amazon, Ayahuasca and Old Stories