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Christina Stapley

Christina Stapley is a retired medical herbalist, currently teaching pharmacognosy, materia medica and the history of western herbal medicine at the School of Herbal Medicine, Devon. She is a member of the Herbal History Research Network, actively supporting researchers through organizing seminars and blogs. Christina has tutored practical historical herb workshops at museums for 25 years and is a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) lecturer, having grown 300 herbs for many years. She has previously written three books on growing and using herbs and edited a stillroom book from 1694. She has also written two courses on Ageing Successfully with herbs. Christina lives in Wiltshire.

The Tree Dispensary (Paperback)
         The Uses, History, and Herbalism of Exotic Trees

The Tree Dispensary (Paperback)
         The Uses, History, and Herbalism of Native European Trees