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Theresa Hoiles

Theresa Hoiles was inspired to write this book after listening to an endless number of dating horror stories of friends searching for love. Being a third generation Italian and Catholic, she often sought advice and council from her grandmother who interpreted her dreams or told her whom to pray to when in need of help. This led to a lifelong fascination of saints and superstitions. Theresa secretly feels she is a dream clairvoyant who has not only predicted her own marriage and sex of her first child but has dreamt about many of her friends future children.

Professionally Theresa Hoiles has worked on NYPD Blue, The Bonnie Hunt Show, The Jeff Foxworthy Show and the HBO series, Deadwood. She has also worked at several studios including Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, and Paramount Pictures Studios. Currently, Theresa is working as a freelance writer and keeping up with her two boys.

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Love, Luck, and Lore (Paperback)
         A Guide to Superstitions, Prayers, Spells, and Taking Chances in the Pursuit of Love