Diego de Oxóssi is a priest of Kimbanda and Babalosha of Candomblé, working with personal development, consulting, and spiritual guidance throughout Brazil and abroad. A gaucho (southern-born Brazilian) based in São Paulo, Diego de Oxóssi graduated in management processes from Anhembi Morumbi University and integral systemic coaching from FEBRACIS. For more than twenty years, Diego de Oxóssi has been dedicated to researching and presenting courses, lectures, and workshops on Afro-Brazilian religions, their regional forms of expression, and the integration of their rituals into society. Responsible for Editora Arole Cultural—a Brazilian publishing company specializing in mind, body, and spirit publications about African-origin spirituality, in 2015 he released his first book, Desvendando Exu (published in English as Traditional Brazilian Black Magic). Between 2016 and 2018, Diego de Oxóssi wrote and published as Folhas Sagradas—a bestselling series in Brazil that was published in the USA in 2022, entitled Sacred Leaves: A Magical Guide to Orisha Herbal Witchcraft. Visit his site at diegodeoxossi.com.br.  Breno Loeser is an Afro-Brazilian illustrator, artist, designer, and master’s student in religious studies. He lives in the Brazilian city of Aracaju and is an initiate of Orisha Logunedé. Since 2021, Breno is the illustrator for the Orishas for Children collection, published in Brazil by Arole Cultural.  

Books by Diego de Oxóssi