2023 Moon Goddess Diary – Northern Hemisphere


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Rockpool Publishing


  • Author Nicci Garaicoa

    Nicci Garaicoa is the author of the much-loved annual Moon Goddess Diary. She is a powerful healer and an intuitive channel of moon goddess and sacred feminine wisdom. Nicci creates beautiful offerings, including meditations and programs to awaken your intuitive flow. Olivia Burki is a freelance illustrator who relocated to Mexico to follow her true self. Her passion is to illustrate bohemian and spiritual themes inspired pieces, always with a flowery and dreamy touch. She works in traditional and digital mediums and also likes to combine both techniques in her illustrations.

  • Illustrated by Olivia Burki

This beautifully illustrated planner will guide and support you through 2023 while you gain knowledge to harness the energy of the moon and connect with your inner Goddess.

This full-color, beautifully illustrated diary has been written with such love and care you will feel it flow effortlessly from its pages and into your life. It will teach you how to harness the energy and guidance of the Moon, the seasons and the sacred celebrations of 2023, so you can thrive throughout your whole year.

You will learn how to use crystals, essential oils, affirmations, rituals, and songs to harness your potency and your inner Goddess. By choosing this diary, you will receive two meditations for a new and full Moon, along with a Facebook community of support and extra guidance.

This diary will guide you through 2023, teaching you to live in harmony and alignment with the Moon and Mother Nature, transforming your life into one of clarity, balance, ease, and joy.
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