Ascension Oracle

Connect to Your Sacred Light (36 Gilded Cards and 104-Page Full-Color Guidebook)


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As an intuitive spiritual guide and artist, Nari Anastarsia is driven to assist others to remember their unique creative light. She is a qualified complementary therapist and holistic counsellor. Working in unison with the spirit of Mother Earth, she invokes a universal energy that is sacred and ancient. Acting as a conduit for this healing energy, Nari expresses herself through creative endeavours that touch the soul and awaken the heart. Each artwork holds a high vibration that invokes women to remember who they are and to step up and embrace their worth. It reminds men of the softer energy of love and compassion they hold within themselves. By harnessing this sacred energy and expressing its healing power through her creative pursuits, Nari inspires individuals to summon the courage to follow their path.

Guided by spirit, Nari walks in harmony with the universal energies of love, light, truth and compassion. It is in this sacred space of love that she created the Cosmic Oracle, Avatar Oracle, and the third deck in the series, the Ascension Oracle. Endowed with the highest energy of love and pure intentions, these awe-inspiring oracle decks activate your soul to remember its true magnificence and unlimited creative potential. 


Rise up to the best version of yourself.

This oracle serves to support and guide the world through the current period of immense, accelerated change. The cards serve as an alchemical medium that will assist you to raise your frequency in preparation for your next vibrational world of experience and assist you to adjust to the influx of energy streaming in.

Have you been feeling a growing discomfort within yourself as you move through the evolution of expanded consciousness? Have you been feeling the uneasiness of not knowing what is next?

Through beautifully channeled imagery and messages, this deck encourages you to tune in to your own highest resonance of deeper truth, to ascend to greater heights through the stripping away of dualistic perceptions and illusionary layers of untruths.

Comprised of 36 cards, this oracle is for lightworkers and those who wish to raise their vibration with more ease and unfold to the full embodiment of absolute love.

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