Awaken your Psychic Ability – updated edition

Learn How to Connect to the Spirit World


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Debbie Malone is a psychic detective who assists police officers throughout Australia with some very high-profile cases. She is the author Always With You, Clues from Beyond, and Never Alone as well as Psychic Reading Cards and Guardian Angel Reading Cards.

In this book you will learn about and explore everything there is to know about psychic abilities and how to harness your own powers with tried-and-true exercises from a psychic with 30 years’ experience.

This comprehensive book is aimed at anyone who wants to awaken their psychic gifts.

Each chapter explains the different types of psychic gifts we have within us, and includes exercises and meditations that will help you strengthen your hidden psychic talents; understand your connection to angels and spirit guides; identify signs from above; and understand how to work with psychic circles.

There are practical chapters on working with the psychic clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairempathy, clairtangency, claircognisance, clairgustance, and clairalience.

This updated edition teaches ethical guidelines on how to work as a psychic, and also includes new information on divining with pendulums and dowsing rods, numerology, psychic children, near-death experiences and spirit photography.

Awaken Your Psychic Ability takes you on a ride towards your soul, as Debbie shares her wisdom and skills in bringing to life the psychic within you.

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