Beyond the Source – Book 1

Messages from the Co-Creaters of the Universe


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Ozark Mountain Publishing


Ever wonder where it all began and what makes everything tick? Guy Needler answers those questions in this book.

In this book Guy Needler channels mind-blowing information. He has been in touch with God (or “The Source” ) and discovered that there are actually 12 Source Entities who are calling the shots and running the universe…In this book, he records his conversations with six of the twelve and describes the work that each of them are engaged in.

Needler discovered a way to transport himself through meditation to the highest dimension where god and the co-creators exist. In that place and state he discovered many things about reality which he shares in this book. We discover the purpose behind the creation of all of these things. Also included is information on extraterrestrials as a similar species and their involvement with the human race.

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