Brady's Book of Fixed Stars


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  • Author Bernadette Brady

    Bernadette Brady is a professional consulting and teaching astrologer who lives in Bristol, UK. She holds a master’s degree in Culture Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University, UK. In September, 2006 she was honored by the Astrological Association of Great Britain with the prestigious Charles Harvey Award for "exceptional service to astrology." And in 2008 she was awarded the Regulus Award in theory and Understanding by the USA community at UAC in Denver. Bernadette is renowned for her innovative work in visual astrology, the role of fixed stars in Western astrology, and for her work in predictive astrology.

For the first time, this book offers astrologers: Paran Maps and Star Phases for over 60 stars; new insights into the natal use of fixed stars, as well as their use in mundane astrology; extensive appendices of Heliacal Rising and Acronychal Setting–graphs and tables so that, for any given location, the dates of these risings and settings can be found/ a list of 176 stars with their 21st century Ptolemaic precessed positions versus their commonly–considered positions based on Ulugh Beg’s methods.

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