Carve Your Own Road

Do What You Love and Live the Life You Envision


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Before founding, Jennifer Remling was a corporate recruiting executive for many of the world's largest corporations. A frequent speaker on the topic of professional development, Remling has been featured in media outlets such as and The New York Post.

Joe Remling has been working in architecture and design for more than 13 years, managing projects that range from residential design to large-scale assembly, including the Georgia Aquarium. He left his corporate architecture job in 2004 to start his own design firm with three other partners. He serves on the board of directors for the Museum of Design Atlanta and has been a guest lecturer at The Art Institute of Atlanta. Jennifer and her husband, Joe, live in Atlanta.

There is an epidemic facing our world today. People everywhere, even those who are successful by most standards, are utterly disconnected from what they really want out of life. We’ve abandoned our true passions and dreams in exchange for a daily grind that offers no fulfillment. Some estimates say that fully 80 percent of people don’t enjoy their work and wish they could exert more control over their lives.

Carve Your Own Road offers a powerful process for reconnecting to your dreams and expanding your opportunities. You will receive firsthand insight from people who have successfully made the leap to careers that invigorate and inspire.Carve Your Own Road also offers stories of dozens of inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who have done something intimidating to most of usquit their jobs to pursue a whole new path, one filled with uncertainty and fear…and passion and excitement.

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