Celtic Tree Magic


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Imprint: The Witches' Almanac
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The Witches' Almanac


  • Author Elizabeth Pepper

    Elizabeth Pepper was a well-known and respected member in the occult community, as well as the editor of The Witches' Almanac from the 1970's until her death in 2005.

Celtic Druids of Western Europe and the British Isles devised a mystic system of thought based on trees and the human hand in order to create beauty and divine the future.

In matters of imagination and divination, a poet may be the best source. With Robert Graves as guide, this book investigates the sacred trees in the remarkable Beth-Luis-Nion alphabet as defined in The White Goddess. Excerpts of ancient Celtic literature culled from rare volumes in private collections complete the text.

This wealth of Celtic lore and engaging subject matter is richly illustrated in the artistic style The Witches’ Almanac readers have come to expect.

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