Journey Through the Energy Centres of Your Body


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Dr. Ravi Ratan is a clinical Aroma therapist, integrating Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Emotional release and Chakra Healing. Born in the family of doctors, teachers, and healers, and brought up in a Hindu family he understood and followed spiritual practices and traditions. Today, with his exposure to yoga and meditations early on in his life with various teachers and ascended masters, he has brought all this understanding into one book as part of his goal for healing across the world.

Dr. Minoo Ratan, the wife of Dr Ravi, is a life coach, practicing psych aromatherapist, and healer. In her psychotherapy practice she integrates aromatherapy with lymph drainage and chakra healing.  Dr. Minoo has a Masters in Psychology and specialization in occupational stress, besides a degree in education focusing on adolescent stress. 

Reconnect with your body, energy, and the universe through your chakras.

Chakras is a comprehensive guide to the inner workings of the chakra system. Dr Ravi Ratan and Dr. Minoo Ratan bring their years of practical experience to explain chakras from an age-old Indian spiritual, metaphysical and tantric perspective.

The book dives deep into one of the most ancient structures of the spiritual body. Examining both the energy and physical views of chakras it makes the accessible to anyone.

Discover how to work with the chakras in your subtle body and begin your journey towards deeper spiritual healing as you learn:

  • how to harness universal and human energy
  • the chakras and their connections to the body
  • spiritual attributes to each chakra
  • sacred chakra mantras and meditations
  • kundalini awakening, aromatherapy, and crystals for chakra balancing
  • mudra and yoga practices for chakra healing and much more

This is a hardcover edition of the previously published paperback edition titled Journey Through the Chakras (978-1-925682-99-1).


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