Each of You

A Spiritual Journey Shifting from Darkness to Light


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Ozark Mountain Publishing


  • Author James Nussbaumer

    James Nussbaumer admits that surviving a lengthy prison sentence proved he must be pretty powerful. While there, he realized that there must be a way to apply this same mental strength to create a much more positive and constructive way to live. His books center on the story of humankind and our concentration on behavior. A frequent public speaker, James welcomes the questions and concerns of truth seekers around the globe about bringing forth miracles into their lives. He lives in Massillon, Ohio, and Palm Harbor, Florida, and enjoys spending time with his three daughters and four grandchildren.

James Nussbaumer’s frank descriptions of prison life gave us a stunning take-to-heart message in his first four books. His inspirational book series continues the inner journey in book five, entitled Each of You: A Spiritual Journey Shifting from Darkness to Light
James escorts us there so we may see that if we shine our light of truth onto the face of adversity—looking squarely at it and allowing it to draw closer to the light—the life challenges fade away. Light extinguishes darkness, and not the other way around. This amazing intimate revelation is challenging, uplifting, and the key to personal transformation.
Learn that you have the divine power to escape darkness in your life and allow this Heavenly Light to guide you on an uplifting journey through life in this world. This world of light, this circle of brightness, is the real world, where guilt meets with forgiveness. This is your purpose now.
The crossroads of fearful dark projections becomes an imprisoned nature, a sick and guilty world, where Divine guidance can’t seem to penetrate. The serious reader will learn to heal and find freedom in light. No one needs to live under that eerie feeling of guilt or fear. James emphasizes that you are much more, and that is how to begin understanding both the dark and enlightened sides of you.

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