Egyptian Star Oracle

(42 Gilded Cards, 144-page Full-Color Guidebook and Eye of Horus Charm )


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Travis McHenry is widely known as one of the foremost occultists of the modern era. As an author, he has written books on the history of the tarot and a memoir about his ten-year research study into paranormal phenomena. A native of rural Pennsylvania, Travis grew up surrounded by the folklore of the Appalachian mountains and this shaped his desire to uncover and share historical truths hidden behind mythological stories. He began studying the dark arts in the late 1990s when he stumbled upon a secretive coven of witches who subsequently befriended him and allowed him to publish the first written history of their magical tradition.
Travis has been a student of many religions, including Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and the Greek Pantheon, and he was even ordained as a deacon in the Baptist Church. This diverse spiritual background has given him a unique insight into harnessing the divine energies found in cultural groups around the world. His formal education in anthropology helps balance his spiritual training with a scientific mindset. As the most successful psychic recruiter in the industry, he pioneered a concrete process for discovering and authenticating individuals with intuitive powers that is still used to this day. Visit his Instagram @bloodstone.tarot.


The Egyptian Star Oracle is the first of its kind: an oracle deck that uses only authentic Egyptian artwork, spells, translations, names, and meanings to create a divination tool that is entirely Egyptian.
The Egyptian Star Oracle is not merely an “Egyptian themed” deck, it is an authentic Egyptian Oracle, utilizing astrology as it was originally practiced in 2400 BC, with all Greek, Persian, and Hebrew influences stripped away.
The foundation of this deck is the astrology practiced by the ancient “star priests” of Asyut for divination and evocation of the thirty-six unwavering stars known as "decans”. The cards are packed with information, transformative energy, and ritual magic details. Seasoned readers of the classic tarot will find many parallels between the meanings of this deck and the cards of the Minor Arcana. At the core of this deck are the thirty-six decans of Egyptian astrology. Each decan represents both a specific star and a deity. These are not the same as the thirty-six decans of modern astrology, although they are connected.
Produced with exceptional detail, the Egyptian Star Oracle features 42 cards printed in full-color with gilded edges, an extensive 144-page guidebook, and comes with a small Eye of Horus charm all packaged in a sarcophagus-shaped boxed adorned with motifs of Egyptian art.  Renowned occultist and best-selling author Travis McHenry has sourced all the images on these cards from ancient Egyptian artwork, including papyrus, pottery, and from the walls of tombs.  The background of each card contains a snippet of texts that the author personally gathered from the Pyramid of Teti in Saqqara.  Each card includes historical details, meaning, and ritual uses.
This oracle set is ideal for art lovers, those fascinated with ancient Egypt, tarot historians, and collectors alike.


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