From Ghetto to Glory

An Unusual Journey of Recovery


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Cloth Over Boards

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“You know, ever since Sookie’s been trying to tell this story, now going on five years, it seems like a part of her gets really crazy inside. It’s like she’s walking around crying out, but no one can hear her. And it’s no subtle cry, but a loud scream. Because each time another day goes by, a part of her seems to close up and almost die, fearing that she’s another step closer to not telling this story.

She tries to reassure that ol’ broken down part of her that everything is going to be okay. She tries to say that this time God’s timing seems to be no less than perfect. But that part, that voice in her, just keeps hollerin’, and so she’s asking you all to stick with her on the tellin’ part. Stick with her, or else she’s sure to go deaf from so much of her own self-hollerin’.” –Book excerpt

This is a story of abuse, and a story of healing. It’s a story of what some would call dissociative identity disorder, and others would call spirit possession. And it is the inspiring story of overcoming the searing trauma of childhood sexual abuse, in what might be called a rather unusual manner: forming a team with seven other personalities and a loving “ghost” who helped her deal with the pain and the memories, who helped her to survive into adulthood and to confront the source of her trauma.

In this extraordinary memoir, Monique Douglass-Andrews overcomes the pain, and sometimes the sheer terror, of remembering in order to share her experiences with the world. She confirms that no matter what happens to us, we are never alone, never helpless, never without the ability to heal and find strength.

In an inimitable, fresh, and engaging style, she tells a story that will live with you a long, long time.

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