Healthy Habits

52 Ways to Better Health


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  • Author Cris Beer

    Dr. Cris Beer is an expert in holistic medicine, as well as a registered medical doctor who has trained in nutritional and integrative medicine and health and fitness coaching. She lives in Queensland, Australia.  

Have you ever longed to be healthy, have lots of energy, and be comfortable with your body weight? Healthy Habits: 52 Ways to Better Health is an easy-to-read book offering an effective ‘habit-a-week’ approach. Incorporate one new habit per week into your lifestyle across an entire year (52 weeks). Simple habits lead to good health, energy, and optimum body weight. The simpler we keep things, the more likely we are to stick with any changes we make.

By following the week-by-week advice within these pages you will see you have the health that you and your body deserve. You will start to regain the energy and vitality you thought you’d lost or never previously attained. Your appetite and body weight will come into alignment with what is healthy for your frame. In essence, you will regain your health back and with it your life.

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