If You Hear the Message Three Times, Listen


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Hampton Roads Publishing


This is a book about listening. It’s also about seeing, feeling, and sensing. When one learns the language the universe speaks, one can hear, see, feel, and sense the message and discover that everything happens in our lives for a reason.

Patricia Heller’s journey of discovery can help anyone searching for answers. While overcoming a debilitating, supposedly incurable disease, Heller discovered:

  • how to heal illness by finding what we repress from ourselves and the world;
  • the meditations, tools, and encouragement to accept that it’s never too late to live a magical life;
  • the Four Insights for achieving even the most challenging of goals.

Heller says there is no “right” way to approach change, just as there is no right age, teacher, or doctrine. With laugh-out-loud anecdotes, she shows that while a transformational journey can be awe-inspiring and command reverence, a little irreverence now and then keeps things balanced. If You Hear the Message Three Times, Listen is a creative and empowering memoir certain to resonate with readers seeking real change in their life.

Our lives are guided by intuition, synchronicity, and coincidence. If we listen, we can hear messages that are always there helping us on our way.

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