Lakshmi Blessings Oracle

36 gilded-edge full-color cards and 128-page book


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  • Author Elisabeth Jensen

    Elisabeth Jensen was a highly acclaimed spiritual teacher and mystic blessed with the ability to receive clear guidance from many gods and goddesses as a trance channel for them. She transmitted the Deities wisdom, teachings, and healing energies to others.A sudden spiritual awakening in 1992 saw her become a much sought-after and highly gifted healer and psychic.  For 25 years she taught throughout Australia and in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka plus in Egypt, Brazil, UK, and USA.Best known as a triple award-winning psychic, Jensen was also a highly trained and effective psychic healer, hypnotherapy trainer, and the founder of the amazingly effective Auset Egyptian Temple Healing system. She taught Lakshmi Blessings and Saraswathi Temple Healing in Asia and online.

  • Illustrated by Jeevanandham S

Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune, wishes to share her spiritual secrets with you as you connect with Hindu gods and goddesses to discover their powers to bless and guide you.

This beautiful oracle deck allows you to receive specific sacred guidance and effective blessings by 36 powerful Hindu Deities overseen by Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune. Lakshmi Blessings Oracle includes a synthesis of ancient Vedic and Hindu wisdom and mantras as well as spiritual practices to enable you to heal yourself and create your own good fortune.

Elisabeth Jensen, an award-winning international media psychic and writer, has channeled specific guidance from each Deity and presents it with a synthesis of ancient Vedic and Hindu wisdom. There are also mantras to make this a very unique and powerful card set.

The exquisite traditional artwork is painted by Jeevanandham, an Indian Hindu temple artist.
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