Legend of Wingz


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32 Pages


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Cloth Over Boards

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Hampton Roads Publishing


  • Author Timothy Green

    Timothy Green is an American author, illustrator, and painter living in Tianjin, China with his wife, Kristine, and his two daughters, Dazhoni and Shundiin. He built his first set of wings at age seven, and narrowly escaped bodily injury. By the time he was eighteen, he had successfully built and flown in a hang glider made out of bamboo and plastic. He hasn't had his feet firmly planted on the ground since.

"Once upon a time there was a boy who wished he could fly. He would look up at the sky and fream of flight. He would dream….

'If I had wings, I'd fly' thought the lad.

'If I had wings, I'd rock.'"

But sometimes dreams come true; and when he builds wings of sticks and canvas the young man finds out if dreams can come true for him. Part fairy tale, part urban legend, unimaginable events come to life in this magical story of a boy who uses his dreams, and courage, to leave the city behind. Children and adults alike will delight in both story and art, traveling on the wingz of imagination.

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