Love, Light & Laughter


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  • Author Amy Zerner

  • Author Monte Farber

    Monte Farber is, with his wife, artist;fashion designer Amy Zerner, the author of a series of bestselling self-help books with more than two million copies in print in fourteen languages. Since 1988, the Brooklynborn Farber has used his friendly, humorous, downtoearth approach to what he calls "streetsmart spirituality" to train people around the world to improve their intuition and decisionmaking abilities. Says Farber, "The common denominator of all humancaused suffering is poor decision making and it is my mission to reduce that suffering as much as I can. I've already made a difference but Quantum Affirmations will help me make that quantum leap!" His websites are and

Part autobiography, part self-help, and part laughoutloud hoot, this is no ordinary relationship book. No matter whether you want to change, end, or start a creative, intimate relationship, this book gives tons of truelife tips for putting your partnership first and making it work.

It’s no secret that sharing stories is a way to teach others what you know. In Love, Light, and Laughter, Monte Farber and Amy Zerner share the story of their remarkable union, along with more than 26 secrets for an enchanted relationship. The title Love, Light, and Laughter describes the course of any enchanted relationship. First comes love. Then you need to work always to shed light on yourselves and your relationship. But no relationship endures without laughter.

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