Messages from the Ancestors Oracle Cards


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Dr. Steven D. Farmer is a licensed psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, soul healer, international lecturer, and ordained minister. He is the author of several bestselling books, including Healing Ancestral Karma, Animal Spirit Guides, and Earth Magic. He makes his home in Dana Point, California, with his wife and stepdaughters. Visit Dr. Farmer at

Your ancestral lineage reaches back to the very dawn of human existence. And this incredible inheritance includes not only your human forebears but all beings on this planet—and beyond. The very substance of our physical bodies is composed of elements of the earth and the stars! The historical and collective lineage of which you are composed, from those more recent progenitors to the ancient and prehistorical ones, continues to reside within you, buried in the vault of your deepest memories, cradling within themselves the wisdom and guidance of thousands of years of human experience.

Now, in this powerful set of oracle cards, Dr. Steven Farmer has given you the keys to tapping that vast wisdom and guidance. Each of the 44 cards in the Messages from the Ancestors Oracle Cards has the power to awaken hidden untapped potential within you, helping you find your own answers to life’s most persistent questions. In the accompanying guidebook, Dr. Farmer offers not only in-depth descriptions of each ancestor card but also a direct message from these powerful guides, allowing you to reach out across time and space to hear the words of the ancient and ever-present ancestors.

Seeking the counsel offered by the ancestors through the cards will not only help you align with your life path and soul’s purpose, but also honor the ancestors by making regular contact with them. If you are seeking a greater awareness of your connection and your relationship with those who have come before, if you are yearning to access their enduring teachings, this oracle deck can show you how.
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