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Identify and Explore 100 Moods and Emotions


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  • Author Andrea Harrn

    Andrea Harrn, MA, is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, intuitive healer, expert in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, and author of the bestselling card packs The Mood Cards, Understand Deep Emotions, and The Mood Book. She runs a successful practice in East London, where her work combines Eastern philosophy with Western science, and she has helped hundreds of people find truth, clarity, balance, meaning, acceptance, love, and happiness in their lives. Visit her online at and

  • Illustrated by Stacey Siddons

Psychology doesn’t have to be complicated. This book offers an accessible way to help you understand yourself and also challenges your thinking so you can move forward in a positive way. With clear, straightforward advice on identifying signs and symptoms and how particular moods and emotions manifest, along with guidance on how to deal with them, you can learn to identify your own obstacles, bring a common-sense approach to life’s difficulties, and increase your self-awareness. You can choose a mood to explore at random or, if you want to address something specific, you can check the A-Z listing of 100 moods, emotions, feelings, states of mind, quirks of personality, and mood disorders.

Whether you’re using the book for self-help or for working with others as a parent or professional, you can gain the clarity and confidence you need to reach your full potential.

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