Mystic Martian Oracle

40 full-color cards and 128-page book


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Rockpool Publishing


Lisa Porter is a self-taught artist and illustrator. She’s interested in esoteric literature, ancient pagan mysticism, mythology, archetypal allegories, ufology, and xenology, as well as the living occult’s timeless narratives that are intrinsically connected to the psychology of the human mind, body, and soul.

We are all cosmic star seeds, birthed from wonders beyond the extraordinary, hoping to fully awaken into our self-aware and enlightened universe.

The vast array of alien forms is immense, multilayered, and at times convoluted. They keep a mindful eye on us individually and collectively. They observe our successes and our failures, and everything in between. Open your eyes and stretch your insight into far broader horizons, and let these ever-watchful ETs assist you with everyday concerns.

Each of the 40 oracle cards depicts a different ET, and each has key words that include metaphysical, emotional, and psychological guidance.

This deck is designed to be a fun yet authentic guide to extraterrestrial species throughout the universe. Each card is a symbolic and representational conduit for a specific cosmic archetype and is centered around timeless archetypal forces that transcend the cosmos and reside also in the human psyche.
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