Mystical Journey Oracle

Embrace Your True Path (36 gilded-edge cards and 128-page book)


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Tennessee Charpentier is the creative driving force behind Visionary Art by Messiah. Born and raised in Amiens, France, Charpentier was encouraged from a young age to explore her natural creative talent. This led her to gaining entry into prestigious Parisian School ESAG Penninghen where she excelled, attaining her Master's Degree in Graphic Design.
At the completion of her training, Charpentier was offered an opportunity to enter the Parisian fashion scene as an art director. After exploring the potential of a professional career on the path well-travelled, Charpentier decided to take a leap of faith and explore the diversity of Australia, NZ, and the USA - discovering arts and culture festivals, such as Burning Man, and the lifestyle these events teach.
She now calls Melbourne her home, and through the local music and arts scene, has become inspired to combine formal graphic design with visionary art, surrealism, and symbolism to form her unique style. Visions and ideas arise from her subconscious, communicating lessons to be applied to life - themes of inner strength and courage are expressed on canvas to motivate everyone to embrace their life path and strive to self-actualize.
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Deep within our subconscious lie the answers to life's challenging questions, use these 36 mystical oracle cards to stir the answers.

This 36-card deck is designed to bring this knowledge into your conscious mind to be used as a healing guide to overcome internal and external conflict and embrace your true path. Let these cards empower and inspire you on your journey toward self-realization.

We all contain limitless potential for growth and enhanced well-being. Let these cards empower and inspire you on your journey so you can discover the riches of life that await you.

Tennessee Charpentier is an art visionary; her paintings carry themes of spiritual, mystical, and inner awareness.
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