Oracle Card Companion

Master the Art of Card Reading


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Victoria Maxwell (but you can call her Vix) is the creator of New Age Hipster (, a modern mystic and spiritual teacher in Converse sneakers. She is devoted to helping others reconnect to their own light, inner guidance, and power so people can live their best lives. Always fascinated with connecting to the divine, in her earlier years Vix studied Wicca and witchcraft and various spiritual practices and modalities. She will always be seeking answers, wisdom and guidance to share with her clients, students, and online communities through soul sessions, workshops, online courses and the New Age Hipster radio podcast, blog, and YouTube channel.

An empowering and easy to use guide to understanding and mastering oracle card readings. 

Oracle Cards Companion starts at the beginning with choosing and bonding with a deck.  It then moves on to developing intuition and decoding messages.  Finally, it takes a deeper dive with oracle spells, healing guidance, and reading for others. Throughout the book there are activities and practices the reader can do with their own cards.  The result is an experiential book that is fun to work with, but still contains opportunities for deep work and spiritual and intuitive development. Ultimately the aim of this book is to empower the reader to do more with their oracle cards than just pick a card, read a message, and never think about it again (something we are all guilty of).

Oracle Cards Companion makes it easy to use with any oracle card deck, as the author focuses more on intuitive reading rather than meanings.  It helps the reader to go on a deeper journey with the cards, develop their intuition and gain more confidence, clearer guidance and a deeper trust not only in their ability to read cards, but also within themselves.

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