Sacred Power Reading Cards

Transforming Guidance for Your Life Journey (36 Full-Color Cards and 88-Page Booklet)


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Rockpool Publishing


  • Author Anna Stark

    Anna Stark is a professional psychic and energy specialist. She presents seminars, workshops, and courses in Australia for those seeking transformation in their health and well-being, spiritual development, consciousness, channeling, and self-mastery. She is also the author of Sacred Spirit Reading Cards and Sacred Power Reading Cards.

Sacred Power Reading Cards is a 36-card deck, which provides self-empowerment and healing by delving deep into sacred symbols, totem animals and the spiritual realms.

This deck will awaken your spirit’s path and open your heart towards new possibilities and guidance. The cards also serve as a supportive tool for healing practitioners in Reiki, Kinesiology, Counselling, Theta Healing and many other healing and wellbeing modalities.

Along with the accompanying guidebook, which includes affirmations, meditations and simple techniques to enhance your self-healing abilities, the Sacred Power Reading Cards deck is sure to awaken your magnificent creative force.

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