Shadow & Light Oracle

Reflection Cards to Unlock Your Unconscious Mind (36 Gilded Cards and 96-Page Guidebook)


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Selena Moon is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist with a background in graphic design. She has been interested in art, drawing, and computers since childhood, and any free subject choices in school always tended toward the creative ones. She has a bachelor of art with a major in graphic design, a digital design diploma, as well as a one-year higher education in behavioral science. She has her own design studio and years of experience with freelance design work that evolved to include illustrations and digital art.
Selena currently has an established career as a graphic designer, illustrator, and digital artist in Sweden and in Australia.


Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .
The Shadow & Light Oracle is a deck to stimulate self-improvement, thought patterns, and personal growth in a very practical way.
This deck will assist people in everyday life by shining a light on a multitude of matters and encouraging an openness to different perspectives and self-reflection, opportunities, and paths in life. It is highly focused on self-empowerment, self-improvement, self-growth, and overcoming obstacles.
Each card reflects two opposing or complementing perspectives on a matter, showing the reader different ways of looking at a problem or aspect in life. Every card description also includes an affirmation for meditation or daily mental practice, as well as practical tips that can assist in the particular situation represented on the card.


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