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  • Author Alicia Grosso

    Alicia Grosso is a teacher, author and interdisciplinary artist. She has been teaching theatre at the university and secondary school levels for over twenty-five years. Alicia began making soap in 1995, and her first book, Soapmaking: A Magical Guide was published in 2001. Soon after she wrote The Everything Soapmaking Book which is in its third edition. She has written a soapmaking column for The Essential Herbal magazine, has been a presenter at soapmaking conferences and a guest teacher at soap studios on the west coast. She lives in the beautiful Puget Sound area with a kitty and a bunny.

Using vegetable oils, herbs, essential oils, and common kitchen equipment, this book will give you and guide you through 25 all-natural recipes for luxurious, gentle, beautiful, and magickal soaps. It includes a recipe for each of the eight Pagan Sabbats, Moon Phases, Handfasting, Quest, Croning, and other major life events. Drawing on her long experience with soap, herbs, oils, and Earth-based spirituality, Alicia Grosso will also teach you how to infuse your handmade soaps with wishes, prayers, dreams, and magick. Non-magickal people will find good, basic instruction for natural small-batch soapmaking, along with herb lore and ways to fill soap with prayers, wishes, and dreams. Although written for the beginning soapmaker, even the most seasoned soaper will find inspiration in the rituals and procedures of making magickal soap.
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