Stoning the Keepers at the Gate

Society's Relationship with Law Enforcement


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In Stoning the Keepers at the Gate, police psychologist Lawrence N.Blum, PhDlooks at the role of law enforcement in modern times and argues that, while bad cops need to be rooted out, blanket condemnation of the police threatens the very liberties that make such condemnation possible, as well as the safety of the American public in their homes and lives. Blum argues that the enormous stresses officers experience—from violent physical attack to unrewarded or miusunderstood acts of heroism—require special understanding, an understanding that is often missing from police departments themselves. Blum provides a unique insight into the dynamics, practices, and activities within police agencies that influence police officers’ actions, and that often hide the real sources of police behaviors that are thought of as faulty, insensitive, or inappropriate. A passionate call not only for understanding but a reappraisal of whose actions are scrutinized within and outside of police agencies, police accountability, and the nature of policing itself in the twenty-first century. Stoning the Keepers at the Gate is a dynamic and fascinating analysis of the role of law enforcement today.
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