The Art of Grieving

Gentle Self-Care Practices to Heal a Broken Heart


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  • Author Corinne Laan

    Corinne Laan is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner. She currently runs an acupuncture practice specializing in women's health in Amsterdam. As a former specialist nurse and a natural healer, she became fascinated in the human psyche and the mind-body connection. While studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, she came across Yang sheng - the philosophy of nourishing life. The concept of optimizing health and well-being through nurturing mind, body and spirit became her new passion, a passion she shares with her clients. An encounter with a spiritual coach encouraged her to claim her true calling and become a beacon of hope for those navigating the hardest and darkest chapter in their lives.

The key to healing from deep sorrow is to move with the pain and never against it.

The book is a gentle self-help guide filled with practical self-care practices which engage the griever into embracing and expressing their grief. Through the gentle practices, the griever can try to find inner peace and begin to heal his/her grieving heart.

After a loss, grievers often feel isolated and find it difficult to reach out for help, carrying their pain in silence and alone. Each practice described in the book has been carefully chosen to shine light on areas that are likely to arise as the grieving and healing journey unfolds, and have been organized to make it easy for the reader to choose a path they feel drawn to at any particular moment.

The Art of Grieving brings the body and mind connection into the spotlight, an essential link in the healing process that will allow readers to take charge of their wellness and emotional health. It provides comfort and solace on the journey of grief towards peaceful healing, and dares the griever to live with purpose and love with zest.

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