The Good Food Good Mood Cookbook

Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for the Modern Lifestyle


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Eddison Books


  • Author Lina Bou

    Lina Bou is a nutritional therapist and blog writer who shares recipes, inspiration, and advice for the modern lifestyle on her website. Visit her at

Discover nutritional therapist Lina Bou’s recipe for healthy living, with this inspirational, holistic cookbook for the modern lifestyle. Cooking isn’t just about eating the right foods, it’s about being inventive, having fun, and enjoying a healthy relationship with what you eat. Lina shows you how to make simple, nutritious, vegetarian meals (suitable for all!) that are easy enough for anyone to rustle up with a minimum of fuss. There are also suggestions for vegan alternatives and recipes free from gluten, dairy, and sugar. Full-color photographs are featured throughout.

All of the recipes feature a health-benefit key, indicating at a glance whether they help improve your immunity, boost your energy, balance your hormones, and so on. And there’s advice on sensible detoxing too.

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