The Law School Breakthrough

Graduate In The Top 10% Of Your Class, Even If You're Not A First-Rate Student


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Red Wheel Weiser


After doing very poorly on his law school entrance exam and almost dropping out during his first year as a law student, Chris Yianilos went on to graduate in the top 10 percent of his class. The Law School Breakthrough shows exactly how he did it-and how you can, too.

Three years in law school convinced Chris that he could write the only book a budding lawyer needs before his LSAT entrance exam. The Law School Breakthrough can show even the most average student how to triumph over all the barriers to law school success-a crushing workload; the single winner-take-all exam system; the arrogance of most law school professors; the fierce, sometimes hysterical, competition from classmates.

The Law School Breakthrough provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to surviving law school-both inside and outside the classroom. It contains proven techniques for overcoming every obstacle students are likely to face during the three most challenging years of their lives.

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