Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon

How World Governments Have Conspired to Conceal Humanity’s Biggest Secret (The Truth About the Malmstrom Incident, UAPs, and Their Interest in Nuclear Weapons)


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"A sober yet heartfelt narrative which dares you to dismiss it without due consideration"
--Fortean Times
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  • Author Robert Salas

    Robert Salas is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He served seven years on active duty. He worked as a weapons controller, flew target drones, commanded intercontinental ballistic missiles as a launch officer, and a worked as an Air Force missile propulsion engineer on the Titan III program. From 1971 to 1973 he worked as a safety and reliability engineer for Martin-Marietta Aerospace and Rockwell International on Space Shuttle design proposals. From 1974 until his retirement in 1995 he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. In 2022 he testified at the Brazilian Senate's public hearing on UFOs.

  • Foreword by Stanton T. Friedman

"A sober yet heartfelt narrative which dares you to dismiss it without due consideration." Fortean Times

"…fasten your seat belt. You are in for a fascinating ride." —Stanton T. Friedman, author of Flying Saucers and Science

In 1969 the U.S. Air Force issued a statement that read‚ "No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security." This statement is patently false. It has been proven untrue by the testimony of many military officers and airmen and documentation of incidents involving UFOs and nuclear weapons, testimonies of which the U.S. Air Force was fully aware. Unidentified details many of these testimonies, some for the first time.

As partial justification for its position, the Air Force cites a University of Colorado study that was contracted and paid for by federal funds. Unidentified reveals how this study was actually just another part of the plan to cover up the reality of the UFO phenomenon. For the first time, Unidentified publishes evidence that the investigators for the Colorado study knew about the UFO-related missile shutdown incidents but did not investigate them or include them in their final report.
"To date, many former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel – once trusted to operate or guard weapons of mass destruction – have come forward and revealed ongoing UFO surveillance of, and occasional interference with, our nuclear weapons.  The entire body of these factual accounts alters the historical perspective on the nuclear arms race."

Robert Sales, a retired United States Air Force Officer, witnessed first-hand a UAP visiting and disabling nuclear missiles at that Malmstrom Air Force Base and shares his experience as well as the many incidents of the last 80 years of similar visits that have been covered-up.

A new expanded edition will be published November, 2023 under the title UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle (ISBN: 978-1-63748-016-8).

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"A sober yet heartfelt narrative which dares you to dismiss it without due consideration"--Fortean Times "Not only is Bob Salas an Air Force insider who had his ufological teeth cut by first-hand experiences, but he also possesses the scholarly background to analyze those events. With his tireless tenacity and no-nonsense mission towards disclosure, Bob is a genuine throwback to one of my own heroes, Edward Ruppelt."--Donald R. Schmitt, best-selling co-author of Inside the Real Area 51 "...fasten your seat belt. You are in for a fascinating ride."--Stanton T. Friedman, author of Flying Saucers and Science "Salas takes the reader on a compelling and heartfelt journey through the minefields and thickets of government secrecy and cover-ups as he experienced it from his own encounters with ET, while weaving into his page-turning narrative a concise history of the modern UFO phenomenon."--Thomas J. Carey, best-selling co-author of Witness to Roswell