Wild Woman Oracle

Awaken Your True, Free and Soulful Self (44 cards with gilded edges and 144-page book)


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Cheyenne Zarate is a pen and ink artist from Toronto, Canada, who is of Chilean, Ukrainian, and Scottish descent. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor's degree in English and Spanish, then went on to complete a Bachelor of Education at Toronto's York University to become a teacher. Cheyenne went through a spiritual awakening and felt her soul calling her onto a different path—a path that was more in alignment with her inner child, who would love to draw her days away lost in the world of nature, mythology, and magic.

Inspired by the classic Women Who Run with the Wolves, this deck is designed for women experiencing their Saturn Return— a time of personal intensity and change.

The essence of the Wild Woman Oracle is feminine, dark, witchy, wise, mystical, spiritual, whimsical, authentic, educational, and empowering.

Through mythological, folkloric, and contemporary tales about empowering female figures who embody the Wild Woman in their own unique ways, the Wild Woman Oracle will awaken you to your true, free, and soulful Self. These Wild Women's stories—the losses, victories, and lessons learned—will help you begin to rewrite your own story. You will see how all your life experiences –especially the difficult, dark, and uncertain ones—are alchemizing into gold, into the invaluable wisdom, fierce self-respect, and keen joie de vivre of the Wild Woman.

The images on the 44 cards depict strong feminine figures from mythology, folklore, and contemporary culture—all women who faced their own struggles and victories, and whose example will inspire others to discover their true self.  The artwork was created in pen and pencil and reproduced in shades of black printed with bronze metallic ink to enhance their dark and mystical feel.

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