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Gaia's Hidden Life
The Unseen Intelligence of Nature
Compiled by Shirley J. Nicholson
ISBN: 9780835606851
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books
6 x 9
290 pages
B&W illustrations
November 1, 1992


A new collection of essays on the living intelligence within nature from various spiritual and scientific perspectives, by James Lovelock, Dorothy MacLean, Joan Halifax, Thomas Berry, John Seed, Serge King, author of Earth Energies, and others.

Shirley Nicholson, an eminent Theosophist and the former editor of Quest Books, is also the author of Ancient Wisdom: Modern Insight. She currently lives in Ojai, CA, where she is the Resident Head and Executive Vice President of The Krotona Institute of Theosophy.
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