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Sacred Space, Sacred Sound
The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places
Susan Elizabeth Hale, Foreword by Don Campbell
ISBN: 9780835608565
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books
6 x 9
318 pages
January 1, 2007


Visionary singer Susan Hale believes that early peoples deliberately built their structures to enhance natural vibrations. She takes us around the globe-from Stonehenge and New Grange to Gothic cathedrals and Tibetan stupas in New Mexico-to explore the acoustics of sacred places. But, she says, you don't have to go to the Taj Mahal: The sacred is all around us, and we are all sound chambers resonating with the One Song.

Susan Elizabeth Hale, MA is the author of Sacred Space Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places along with her first book Song and Silence: Voicing the Soul. Susan is the creator of Earth Day-Sing for the Trees, an annual global celebration every April 22. She lives in England where she communes with ancient trees and holy wells.
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