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Serving a Higher Purpose
Theosophy for a Meaningful Life
David Bruce, Foreword Michael Gomes
ISBN: 9780835609456
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books, Quest Books
8 1/2 x 5 1/2
234 pages
July 1, 2020


"When we sow our seeds in the garden of life, do we settle for a meager display of two or three flowers? Or do we aim for a pageantry of rich colors and breathtaking beauty?

So asks author David Bruce in the exquisite essays inspiring us to live an active spiritual life. Fresh and concise, he discusses themes such as living with purpose, spiritual practice, digital distractions, reincarnation, the human condition, and offers advice on books and reading. Free of dogma, he helps the open-minded inquirer find ultimate meaning."

David P. Bruce is the education director and national secretary of the Theosophical Society in America. He is a third-generation Theosophist and popular lecturer.
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