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The Diamond Sutra
The Prajna Paramita
Translated by William Gemmell
ISBN: 9780892540754
Book (Paperback)
Ibis Press
5 x 7
160 pages
March 15, 2003


First published in 1912, William Gemmell's translation of The Diamond Sutra was one of the first books to introduce general readers in the West to Buddhism. It still stands as a refreshing, easy-to-understand look at an ancient and enduring tradition.

The Diamond Sutra, a sacred Buddhist text, recounts the Buddha's discourse to one of his disciples. It discusses fundamental Buddhist practices, including how food is to be consumed, begging for alms, and monastic vows. Gemmell's fully annotated translation presents important information from the Asia experts of his day. The annotation also provides still-relevant parallels between Buddhist principles and Western spirituality.

William Gemmell's simple, elegant translation of The Diamond Sutra remains one of the best general introductions to Buddhism.

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