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Songlines of the Soul
Pathways to a New Vision for a New Century
Veronica Goodchild, Ph.D., Foreword Thomas Moore
ISBN: 9780892541683
Book (Paperback)
Ibis Press
6 x 9
384 pages
October 1, 2012


"If you are like me, this book will feel like an invitation to live in a much larger, more interesting world. It will serve as a key to open the handcuffs that have kept your spirit in check for too long. It will give you ideas, facts, and a language for living more from your pulsing heart than your frowning head. It will help you make sense of things you were taught earlier in your life, understood then only naively. It may inspire you to hope for a strong dream, an overwhelming coincidence, or a UFO encounter. It will certainly free you from the particular depression that comes from a habit of modern skepticism." -Thomas Moore from the Foreword
The title for this book comes from the ancient Aboriginal concept of "song lines"--pathways to another world reached through dreamtime and visionary insight, and encounters with the unknown realm of experience.

Veronica Goodchild addresses how dreams, synchronicities, UFO/ET encounters, Crop Circle mysteries, and NDEs all point to the new unfolding vision of reality. She draws on ancient mystery traditions to explore how this metamorphosis is already reflected cross-culturally in Hopi, Aztec, Mayan, Hindu, Tibetan, Maori, Zulu, Dogon, and Egyptain cultures.

Songlines of the Soul proposes a new paradigm of reality, a new worldview. The signatures of this new reality are arising both in our own experiences and all around us if only we can stretch wide our stubbornly held perceptions of what is "reality." As we stand at a crucial turning point in our human history, this book offers hope, a call to awaken and expand our perceptions of the fundamental principles that orchestrate reality.

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