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The Lovecraft Code
Peter Levenda
ISBN: 9780892542178
Book (Hardcover)
Ibis Press
6 x 9
400 pages
December 1, 2016


"This is a novel that will have the Lovecraft fan as well as the Lovecraft scholar sitting on the edge of his seat, and the historians even moreso. There is enough name-dropping with backgrounds of actual people as well as tying-in of events to give it credibility, while the premise itself sends it soaring into the realms of the most far-fetched fantasy imaginable. It will be left up to the reader to determine whether this is a superlative dive into speculative fiction or a thinly veiled documentation of actual events. The corroborative information supplied and locale changes revealing the various characters’ point-of-view add a fever-pitch to the intensity from the first page. With a seamless mix of Indiana Jones meets Jack Ryan, and H. P. Lovecraft teamed with Tom Clancy, The Lovecraft Code is a don’t-stop-until-every-page-has-been-read story, filled with Lovecraft’s special brand of eldritch horror and the spy thriller’s hairbreadth escapes, victories, and defeats, well-blended by author Levenda. The Lovecraft Code will linger on the edge of the imagination long after the novel itself has been finished" --New York Journal of Books, Toni V. Sweeney is the author of The Adventures of Sinbad and The Kan Ingan Archives series and also writes under the pseudonym Icy Snow Blackstone

Drawing on decades of experience, author and historian Peter Levenda turns to the novel as the best and perhaps only way to tell a story that has to be told – that hidden within the tales of America's most iconic writer of gothic horror, H.P. Lovecraft, runs a vein of actual terror.

Gregory Angell, the present-day descendant of George Angell in Lovecraft's “Call of Cthulhu,” is summoned by a nameless covert agency of the US government to retrieve a sacred book from the grasp of an Islamist terror network operating out of northern Iraq, in the land of the Yezidi. Practitioners of a monotheistic religion with mystical traditions, the Yezidi are all that's left of an ancient sect that possessed the key to the origins of the human race and was in conflict with another, more ancient civilization from beyond the stars.

Hailed by author Christopher Farnsworth (Blood Oath) as a "more intelligent DaVinci Code" and by Whitley Strieber (The Key) as "a riveting work of fiction," this book will thrill Lovecraft aficionados, readers of reality-based thrillers, and conspiracy theorists alike.

Peter Levenda's esoteric titles include The Dark Lord, Tantric Temples, and The Tantric Alchemist. His histories include Unholy Alliance, The Hitler Legacy, Ratline, and Sinister Forces. Levenda has appeared as an expert on occultism and strange science on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel, the Science Channel, and TNT.
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