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The Great University of Life
A Soul Journey Progress Report
Foster Laverne Harding
ISBN: 9780917849305
Book (Paperback)
Park Point Press
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
242 pages
11 color photographs
November 11, 2013


The Great University of Life is about waking up to a remarkably expanded view of life on Planet Earth. It shares a soul journey many millennia in the making and how the author became aware of his "soul history." He explains that a unique soul history is just the nature of creation. Being engaged in an eternal soul journey is perfectly normal and common to each of us. The only unusual aspect of the soul journey described in The Great University of Life is awareness of it during earthly life. Your soul already knows these things. The author shared his transformation in life understanding, and offers insights to help readers open awareness of their own soul story. He believes that life is created to hold meaning and joy, and advises us to relax and trust the process.

Foster Laverne Harding retired early from a successful career as an engineer and scientist at the start of the new millennium. At that time he set the intention that retirement would be dedicated to “reinventing Foster.” He now says that reinvention was too mild a term: that instead he has been “reborn” into a richer, more meaningful life that is filled with love for all creation. He shares this new-found peace and happiness with his wife, Marilyn, at their home near Castle Rock, Colorado.
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