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It Is About You
Living Fully, Living Free Through the Creative Power of Your Thought
Chao-Hsiu Chen
ISBN: 9780972718486
Book (Paperback)
Spiritual Living Press
8.5 x 11
190 pages
July 10, 2008


A Workbook for Using Spiritual Mind Treatment to Experience Health, Happiness, Abundance and Peace.

"The greatest discovery ever made is the discovery of the creative power of thought." --ERNEST HOLMES

It Is About You is a step-by-step guide to spiritual healing in twelve important life areas, such as health, finances, employment, and marriage and partnership. Through a series of detailed, easy-to-follow exercises, respected Religious Science writer/editor Kathy Juline guides readers in developing their own spiritual mind treatments, empowering them to: gain clarity about problem issues, break negative thought patterns, release limiting beliefs about themselves, look beyond the appearance of lack, and live fully and freely as who they truly are. Discover the secret of success, abundance, happiness and peace with the guidance and tools provided in It Is About You.

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